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The company’s mission is “Enhancing modern technologies for successful future”

“ATC” Group (Group of companies “Alternative Fuel Systems”) was founded back in 2012 as “Alternative Fuel Systems” LLC. The company focused on installation and maintenance of vehicle CNG equipment of propane/methane type.

The company’s pilot project in Russia was the first of a kind “ECO TAXI” fleet. The entire fleet consisted of cars with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) equipment. For the moment, Non-commercial Partnership “ECO TAXI” belongs to “ATC” Group, continues its successful development and improvement, and implements turnkey business projects.

The next step to establish “ATC” Group was developing and upgrading CNG prototypes of different LADA car models. In this field, we used our priceless experience of “ECO TAXI” project. Long-term operation of methane powered vehicles allowed our company to perform expert engineering and adjustment of CNG equipment.

Now “ATC” Group incorporates two companies working in these areas – “ATC Auto” and “ATC Engineering” that cooperate with PJSC “AVTOVAZ” as key partners for prototype and mass production of LADA CNG vehicles.

“ATC” Group holds its leadership in Samara Region in vehicle re-equipment and collaborates with leading global brands in NGV industry. “ATC-Service” inside “ATC” Group is the general partner of “Gazprom NGV Fuel” that re-equips all types of vehicles using different promoting programs for more comfortable collaboration. Over one thousand vehicles received CNG equipment during 3 years of effective work. Our company recommended itself as a reliable and responsible partner, being a participant and a speaker in different international forums, exhibitions and conferences, and a member of “SPGO” (NGV Industry Union).

For the moment, “ATC” Group clients have two options to use NGV fuel: the first one is two purchase a ready re-equipped to NGV factory vehicle from our partners, and the second one is to have CNG equipment installed into their cars in our certified center.

Seeing actuality and dynamism of NGV business development, its current needs and growth prospects, under negotiated arrangements, “ATC” Group makes an innovative decision to create and develop production of mobile NGV filling stations unrivaled in Russia.

г. Набережные Челны, 2015 г.

The city of Naberezhniye Chelny, 2015

In 2015 in the city of Naberezhniye Chelny “ATC” Group organized an important meeting with Samara Region government represented by the Governor N.I. Merkushkin, PJSC “AVTOVAZ” and “Gazprom NGV Fuel”.

Negotiations resulted in signature of a highly important memorandum on collaboration in using natural gas as CNG. The parties reached an agreement to produce and distribute CNG vehicles, to develop technology and infrastructure to use NGV fuel in the region. Freight traffic, passenger transport, municipal service, agriculture and construction industries are identified as main sectors to apply NGV machinery. Being supported by the government of the Russian Federation, “ATC” Group leads activities to create special production programs, testing procedures and implementation of NGV machinery in all these sectors.

NGV fuel has been used in Russia for over 80 years, it constantly improves and expands its geographic relevance. Our company makes its successful way towards being on the peak of this activity and searches new challenging solutions to reach our strategic goals.

We are a team of professionals who know and love our job!


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